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Flower Face Shield

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Let's see that beautiful face! These Flower Face Shields are 100% adjustable and ready to wear! They are a stylish and comfortable alternative to masks! Perfect for a Wedding, Bridal shower, Baby shower, and everyday use.

A note from the founder, Sarah O'Brien: After struggling for months with face masks, that hurt my ears and gave me headaches, I created the Flower Face Shield. It fits like a hat, and is incredibly comfortable. When I am in my floral studio, I love the fact that people can see my face and actually hear me when I am speaking.

Details about the Face Shield:

This is a high quality, ultra-clear and strong personal protective visor. Designed, manufactured and shipped from the United States.
• Durable: 7x thicker visor (1.2mm)
• Reusable: easy to disinfect (we recommend alcohol - DO NOT USE WINDEX, or any other products that contain ammonia)
• Conveniently portable: open straps and lay flat
• Transparent: optically true clear vision
• Secure fit: ideal for extended wear time (Velcro adjustable strap)
• Resistant: flame and impact proof
• Ready to wear: no assembly required
• Versatile: suitable for many industries
• Flip up: no need to take off to answer a call, eat or drink something
• Measurements: 12.5” w x 9.5” h
• Suitable for children and adults: Each user can control how much space they want between face and visor (no fogging) so there is enough space to breath comfortably, wear glasses or face mask underneath. There is an open space on top.
• We suggest to clean with alcohol. Do not use cleaning products with ammonia.

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